A90 Cable Pulley

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Package Includes:

  • 100% smooth pulley system   (3.5 inches/8.9cm)
  • Heavy-duty steel cable (8.2ft/2.5m)
  • Loading pin (8.6 inches (22cm) long, suitable for all kinds of plates)
  • One hanging strap
  • Three carabiners

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        Replace cable-, lat- and even rowing-machines!

        The A90 Cable Pulley is smaller than standard machines, requires less space, can basically be attached anywhere, comes with a better grip, and can be used with any kind of heavy objects (like car tires, trash bins or anything you can think of) when weight plates are not available.

        The A90 Cable Pulley System may be the simplest, most efficient addition to your current set-up, whether you train at home or outside.

        More than just lat pull-downs.

        Also with a better grip and portable wherever you want to train

        Vertical Setup

        Low rows, lateral raises & also leg curls with the A90 Ankle Straps

        Horizontal Setup

        Flys, chest press, wide grip pull-downs & reverse flys


        Lift heavy (with less)

        Lift heavy (with less)
        Lift up to 330lb (150kg). The smooth pulley conveys a pull-feeling comparable to high-end machines, and it even needs less weight due to its direct load transfer. Needless to say, you can use all types of attachments or grips.

        Partner Workouts

        Partner Workouts
        Attach one Angles90 handle (or any other attachment) to each end of the cable for partner workouts. Now you can do any type of pulls or triceps push-downs, as well as left-and-right alternating pull movements as a warm up - or try new, functional movements.

        Eccentric overload

        Eccentric overload
        You are stronger in the eccentric phase of an exercise compared to the concentric phase. The pulley setup allows a partner to lean on the rope to overload the eccentric phase. This will help you max out your target muscle even more.

        Loading pin uses

        Loading pin uses
        The included loading pins (one per A90 Cable Pulley) can serve as a dumbbell substitute for performing biceps curls, bent-over rows, or front and lateral raises. Simply attach your Angles90 Grips to the pin (as seen in the POWER+ method).

        Customer Reviews

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        Ron Creswell

        A90 Cable Pulley

        J Tuitele
        Solid product

        Works exactly as described. Quality construction & design. Very pleased with the purchase

        Bobbie Loeffler

        Not received yet

        ABDULLAH Hamoudi

        Smooth and and the cables travels in a straight line

        Andreas Titze

        Mega ! Ich bin echt begeistert. Und das Training macht Spaß und ist abwechslungsreich!



        What is the diameter of the loading pin?

        2cm (0.78 inches), which means that every kind of weight plate fits.

        What is the maximum load capacity?

        Pulley and rope: 660lb (300kg); strap and carabiner: 330lb (150kg)! Bear in mind that the perceived weight absorption through the pulley is way higher compared to weights of a machine

        Can I shorten the pulley's cable?

        We do not recommend to cut the cable in any way, but here are some hacks for you to get the same result: | Do not use the loading pin, instead, loop the cable around the weight plates to attach them (you will get a how-to video for all these tips) | This may seem obvious, but try to attach the pulley at a higher anchor point (our A90 Sling Trainer can help here) | This is not a solution for every exercise, but simply try to move further away from the pulley when doing an exercise.

        Can I attach the A90 Cable Pulley at a lower anchor point?

        Yes, you can! Depending on the exercise, you may be able to do it with one Cable Pulley, or you might need two. Here is a quick overview: | Biceps curls or side/front raises: you can do them with one A90 Cable Pulley, even though two make for a better experience | Seated low rows: here you need two A90 Cable Pulleys to pull it off. Our how-to video that goes out with every purchase will explain this in detail