It all started with a skiing stick


It all started with a skiing stick

When founder Simon Sparber cut off the handles from an old skiing stick to try attaching them to a bar for some pull-ups, it sparked the idea that would change the way we pull our weights today.

We started co-designing the first handle with the faculty of strength training ergonomics from TU Munich. This was followed by developing and testing over 70 different prototypes with roughly 300 athletes.

Finally, our handles got patented and were ready to be launched in March 2018. Since then we have reached quite a few milestones.

Today we proudly report a client base of 60 thousand athletes as well as hundreds of professionals spread out among 80+ countries. Also, we aim to strengthen our brand identity with additional products that are all aligned to our vision: Making strength training more natural.

Founder Simon Sparber is a lifelong health & fitness enthusiast with a master’s degree in entrepreneurship. Originally from a small town in the Italian Alps, he spent more than a decade as a gymnast. As time went on he started to develop an interest in traditional gym-based strength training. Developing a deep knowledge in that field, as well as Simon's tight network of physiotherapists, contributed to the successful product development of our Angles90 grips.





We strongly believe that a healthy, ergonomic training style can build your strength and size while preserving your joints too. You can imagine how that works: train how your body was designed to move!
This is why we started our journey with developing a grip that adapts to you and not the opposite. Our grips are needed for pull movements where omnipresent fixed and horizontal bars both limit muscular development as well as wrist, elbow and shoulder health.

As our community and brand started to grow, so did our vision. In fact, a healthy training style is not only about ergonomic grip positions. It is so much more and it is now a concept we offer holistically for your whole body: proper equipment for all types of training environments and the proper know-how!


Prototyping and first mini-series


"Five months were spent on prototyping to find the best product possible. The result were 70 prototypes tested with the feedback of 300 athletes. We started with a first mini-series of 3D printed grips to test the market demand."

Mass production and first deliveries


After our successful product testing in 2017 we were able to set up mass production in Italy and started delivering our first Angles90 Grips (as you know them today) in mid-2018.

Product Expansion


We introduced our first physical products besides the Angles90 Grips: the A90 Resistance Bands and the A90 Sling Trainer. Our goal was to help athletes train better also outside of the gym environment and tried to come up with a portable and affordable solution which we had not been able to find on the market.

Territorial & team Expansion


After already expanding to the US in 2019, we started to really push the limits in 2020 by expanding our fulfillment network to three continents (Europe, North America, Asia) and five countries (Italy, Germany, UK, USA, & Hong Kong). Being close to the end customer not only provides a better shopping experience, it also reduces our environmental impact. Additionally, our team grew from only two to six people during that year.

More & better products


In 2021 we launched four new products and introduced apparel for the first time. We're also consistently working to make our products better: we introduced new, high-quality net bags for storing your products, we changed the carabiners on the A90 Sling Trainer to make them more durable and less spiky, and we switched all our packaging to either paper, cardboard or 100% compostable material to eliminate plastic completely. And we're consistently working on new and better content to also give you the knowledge you need to train properly with our products. This leaves us excited for what the future brings!